why should I check my credit report regularly

Why Should I Check My Credit Report Regularly?

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We all know we should check our credit card statements every month for charges that we haven't made. But that only catches the thief who uses an account you know you have. Scan for signs of possible fraud with your free credit report.

In the past few years identity fraud has risen dramatically. In this insidious form of credit fraud, a thief steals your good credit by taking over or opening accounts in your name, running up large balances, and leaving you to deal with the collectors when they come calling.

New accounts opened with your identity will appear on your credit report, revealing identity fraud to you. If you don't check your credit report, it could be months before the credit grantor, fed up with nonpayment, turns the account over to a collector who tracks you down and demands payment for a loan you've never even heard of.

As with much less problematic inaccuracies, identity fraud is something you can detect and remedy most effectively by checking your credit history thoroughly and on a routine basis.

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